The Organized Writer Pt 5

I’ve finally settled on an organization system for 2017.

I’m going to use a combination of Bullet Journal and Google Calendar.

Is my BuJo going to be as elaborate as some I’ve seen on Pinterest or Facebook? No. I don’t have that kind of time to spend even tho’ I love color and images.

My Google Calendar is up and running. I’ve been taking a class on organization with Sarah Wendell (Smart Bitches) and have found several great tricks for making Google Calendar work for me.

Can’t wait to get rid of my bulky Day Runner.


We Interrupt Your Regularly Schedule Blog Post

Today was a scheduled “Snarky Sunday” post, but I find I’m too grateful to be snarky.

I’ve had a long, lovely Thanksgiving holiday weekend. I’ve left the house only twice: once to go to my parents’ for turkey and trimmings, and once to visit my sister and nephew, who has completed his “man cave” complete with a pretty impressive home theater.  We watched two movies:  Star Trek Beyond and Nice Guys. Both were very funny in their own ways. I had seen the Star Trek movie in the theater and loved it. I loved it even more watching with my family.

So no snark today.

Live long and prosper.